The Caffeinated Poet

I have always dabbled at writing poetry. Usually I buried my efforts in computer files that only I know exist. But working at home among the coffee trees, teaching college over Zoom and jogging daily have either inspired me or driven me completely off my rocker. I write under the name, The Caffeinated Poet, actually a descriptor. The result is lots of coffee poetry. You are not required to like the poems or even read them, but here they are – oh, and if you want to order our delicious, premium Kona coffee, click here! Be safe!

A Little Coffee History

Cafe au lait and mochaIMG_5175
espresso double shot
Iced or hot or syrupy sweet
itʻs best just black and hot

It came from Ethiopia
In Mocha it grew free
a goat boy saw kids munching
bright cherries on a tree

They danced and played as if on fire
their eyes lit up and shone
made the goat boy want to try
the berries on his own

How it came to be so steamy
weʻll never know for true
a monk or sheikh tried roasting beans
and began to make a brew

It matters not how it started
its all around the world
when thinking of the very best
our Kona flagʻs unfurled

We grow it here and it abounds
with aroma and taste galore
We sell it online to everyone
You canʻt buy it at the store

Bon appetaste!

The Caffeinated Poet, 2020

I Wear a Mask

I wear a mask to every storemasked
afraid to shake a hand
I stay at home most of the time
and work the growing land

The solitude resets my brain
and makes me realize
I value time to stand and chat
real social timeʻs a prize

We will endure the virus
until its safe to roam
We will remember all our friends
and know theyʻre safe at home

the World Wide Web has helped us
talk story every day
with likes, memes and jokes in hopes
good health will be our way

The Masked, Caffeinated Poet

Gypsea Gelato Is Calling

Gelato is calling
a voice from afar
I am just going
out to the car

At 2 they will open
for carryout fans
Iʻll be there for certain
money in hand

Cookies and Creme
Mauka Trail too
Chocolate delights
for me and for you

Whoops youʻre not here
so Iʻll eat your share
with coffee from Kona
I know itʻs not fair!

The Caffeinated Poet 2020

You might be thinking . . .

You might be thinking 27540013_10212736826270358_1637706871554896684_n
Itʻs time to start drinking
at dawn as you realize

Iʻve no where to run
and Iʻm dressed like a bum
maybe coffee would be more wise

Yell hi to your neighbors
Give your spouse a big hug
Brew a big mug and surmise

Itʻs great to feel safe
with the family I love
and avoid any Co-vid surprise

The Caffeinated Poet 2020

The Coffee Farm

The bright red cherry
the deep green of the leavesScreen Shot 2017-11-17 at 11.44.06 AM
the crab spider webs
distant surf sound relieves

We stand here in wonder
in love with the land
enchanted by ocean
even more than we planned

The island has trapped us
amber arms of the sun
farming coffee is winning
making work more like fun

The Caffeinated Poet

What to Drink?

I could drink cola
or I could drink tea
I really like beer
but just when itʻs free

I drink lots of water
and take it from me
its better when brewed
as rich Kona coffee

The Caffeinated Poet 2020

Our Kona Coffee

The coffee Iʻm drinking came from our farm.
I know that my labor is part of the charm
I taste the spring rains and warm summer days
I taste the cool evenings, ocean breezes at play
The cherry we pick for months at a time
has captured a flavor – Kona coffee sublime
So think about treating yourself to a pound
It will help pass the time till the cure comes around

The Caffeinated Poet – 2020
Sheltering in Place


Rich Kona coffee beans
ground, steeped in boiling water
my taste buds ready!

– The Caffeinated Haiku Poet

Iʻve Had It, Have You?

I’ve had it with coffee
I’ve had it with cake
I’ve had it with pie
It’s great on a break

So where’s my Gelato
The Gypsea is out
I miss it so badly
I just want to shout

I’ve had it with coffee
I’ve slapped it on cake
I’ve mushed it with pie
I would eat it with steak

So when this is over
I’ll be first in line
At Gypsea Gelato
Their gelato’s sublime

The Caffeinated Poet(Gypsea Gelato fan) 2020

Kona Limerick

There was an old man from South Kona
He drank coffee wearing a kimono
When asked bout his buzz
He said it was cuz
His coffee was so doggone ono (tasty in Hawaiian)

The Caffeinated Poet 2020

It Rains Each Day

It rains each day in KonaIMG_3731
when spring is on the March
The hum of bees just fills the air
the aromas almost harsh

As flowers soon turn to cherry
and cherry pulp is shed
the beans ferment in water
sun baked till moistures fled

And last the dry mill batters
the parchment from the beans
and roasting turns the green to brown
rich flavors flood the scene

When the coffeeʻs ground and brewed
the aromaʻs rich and sweet
the flavorʻs just amazing
a mug of breakfast treat

The Caffeinated Poet (strikes again) 2020

A Blooming Season

Trees are blooming
We’re fine pruning
Coffee’s on the way
Don’t forget
To order soon
Great coffee helps us play

– The Caffeinated Poet (Tim Merriman)

Mauna loa


The Concrete Caffeinated Poet

(c) Tim Merriman 2020

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Lisa Brochu and Tim Merriman are married and serve as Principals of Heartfelt Associates. They write fiction and non-fiction, raise miniature horses and consult with parks, zoos, museums, historic sites, nature centers and aquariums on heritage interpretation and visitor experiences.They live on the Big Island of Hawaii on a small Kona coffee farm overlooking Kealakekua Bay.

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